Should we make a grant to a meta-charity?

Written as part of the Oxford Prioritization Project, and cross-posted to the Effective Altruism forum. I introduce the concept of meta-charity, discuss some considerations for OxPrio, and look into how meta-charities evaluate their impact, and the reliability of these figures for our purposes (finding the most cost-effective organisation to donate £10,000 today). I then look … Continue reading Should we make a grant to a meta-charity?


Should you donate to multiple charities?

An open problem in the giving community is whether all of an individual’s donations should be directed towards a single charity, or whether one should split between multiple charities. This question is particularly relevant to the effective altruism movement, whose goal is to bring about the greatest positive impact, since the impact-per-dollar difference between different charities might be tens, hundreds, or even thousands of times.